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3 Reasons Why Spokane is Great for Retirees

Karene Garlich-Loman

Karene, a seasoned real estate professional with two decades of experience, is a true industry luminary...

Karene, a seasoned real estate professional with two decades of experience, is a true industry luminary...

Jul 13 5 minutes read

Picking a new city for retirement? If Spokane isn’t already on your short list, it definitely needs to be added. The city ranks among the best places to retire in the U.S. - and ranks very highly among cities in the Pacific Northwest. The vibe is laid back, fresh and totally relaxing. What more are you looking for in your Golden Years?

Need more convincing about why Spokane is a great choice? Read on for more benefits about retiring in this gem of the Pacific Northwest:

1. Spokane is Affordable for Retirees

Money is, unsurprisingly, a top concern among retirees. Many rely on their retirement income, so it’s important to pick a city where your money can take you further. The good news about Spokane? It’s affordable for retirees. According to Sperling’s Best Places, the cost of living in the city is lower than the national average - especially in categories that are likely of interest to you, such as healthcare and home utilities.  The cost of a home is also below the national average, which bodes well for comfortable budgeting.

Consumer financial services site SmartAsset notes the state of Washington is tax-friendly for retirees - which is great news for people who choose to settle in Spokane for their Golden Years. There is no state income tax, which means your Social Security, pension and all other forms of retirement income are tax-free - meaning you get to keep more of what you’ve saved and now earn.  

2. Spokane Has Mild, Comfortable Weather

Many people think of rain when they think of the state of Washington as a whole, but in reality, the city boasts a realtively comfortable climate nearly year round, and the rain for which Seattle is famous is far less common in Spokane than on the west side of the state. 

The warmth and limited precipitation is the perfect recipe for winemaking, which is why the Eastern part of Washington is known and the state’s Wine Country. Who doesn’t love a good winery? Note: If beer is more your thing, you’ll be happy to hear the city is home to multiple tap rooms as well.

Mild weather means you can take advantage of the many outdoor activities Spokane has to offer. The city is something of a Mecca for people who love to hike, explore the outdoors and take in fresh air. The city is scenic and beautiful - there’s even a waterfall right in the downtown area in the Spokane River. 

3. Spokane is Home to a Variety of Senior Living Options

No matter what your preferences are as far as living options for retirement are concerned, Spokane has something for you. 

You can, of course, purchase a home for your Golden Years. This is a great option if you are fully independent and want to maintain your own property. It is important to work with a real estate agent to find that perfect home for retirement, as he or she can help you target homes that will continue to make sense for you as the years go by. Things like single-story layouts, bathrooms with senior safety features, wide hallways and no step entryways are the perfect amenities for aging in place. 

If buying a house doesn’t sound appealing to you, you could consider a senior living community. These communities are for active adults aged 55 years or older - they are perfect for retirees who want to remain independent but would like to have help with overall property maintenance. On top of this, management in these communities also usually offer luxury amenities to help you live your retirement to the fullest. Things like happy hours, holiday celebrations, pools, fitness centers and clubhouses are typical amenities you might find in a 55-plus community.  

If you think your health needs will ultimately become difficult to manage on your own, or if you fear you could have mobility issues, an assisted living facility could be the best choice for you. There are many different communities to choose from in Spokane, and each is staffed with personnel that can help you manage activities of daily living and other essential life functions. 

Ready to Get Started?

If you’re ready to get started on planning your retirement in Spokane, you should contact the experts with Spokane House Hunters. We are dedicated to you and your full scope of real estate needs, and we pride ourselves on professionalism, dedication and our expertise in the Spokane market. We can’t wait to work with you!

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