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What is a Homeowners Association?

Karene Garlich-Loman

Karene, a seasoned real estate professional with two decades of experience, is a true industry luminary...

Karene, a seasoned real estate professional with two decades of experience, is a true industry luminary...

Nov 22 3 minutes read

What is an HOA?

Have you ever driven down a street of identical house? Chances are that's an HOA. A Homeowners Association is an organization in a subdivision of homes or condominiums which enforces rules and regulations on the properties and property owners. Its purpose is to keep property values in the subdivision as high as possible. You become a member of the HOA when you buy a home or condo in one of the subdivisions. When you are a part of a homeowners association, there is a fee that you are required to pay either monthly or yearly. The fee amount will be based on the are you are in and what association you're apart of. 

Some rules may include:

1. Having to paint your house a certain color, or refraining from using other colors. 

2. Keeping your garbage cans out of site - in your garage or behind your fence.

3. Not being allowed to park vehicles on the streets for an extended period of time.


1.  It helps to keep the value of your property high. When all houses on the block are close to identical, the houses won't have the opportunity to appreciate or depreciate. Whereas, if there was a worn down neighborhood with one updated house, the updated house would drive up the value of the lower end houses. In another scenario, if there was a street of all new updated houses and one older house, the older house's value would be driven up. Neither situation is ideal for the sellers and buyers involved because it may cause the houses to be out of budget. 

2. When streets get covered with snow during Winter, your neighborhood will be cleared by a private company and you won't have to wait for the city snow plows.

3. Your green area, lawn, street lights, parks, pools and more will be maintained with grounds maintenance.


1. The primary deterrent from an HOA is the monthly or yearly fee that is required. 

2. If you enjoy a unique home that fits your style, an HOA may not be for you. It can be restrictive in what you can and can't do in your house based on the rules (examples listed above).

Before purchasing a home in an HOA, it's important to look at the bi-laws, regulations and fees to determine if it's the right fit for you!

Thinking of moving?

Wether you've decided to purchase a house in a HOA or not, we'd love to work with you! We have the knowledge to guide you in housing type you choose.

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