Meet Chris & Robyn

Karene first met Chris & Robin through their daughter Megan. After selling their daughter Megan, and other daughter Cassi homes, Chris and Robin called on Karene once again to help Chris's mom find a new home in Spokane. 

"We have worked with Karene on several houses with various family members and she is fantastic. Best to work with on all fronts, knowledgeable, and really makes you comfortable with each process."


Why did you decide to sell?

"After 32 years of a tiny garage we were in the position to build a bigger one. Unfortunately Avista had a transformer right behind our house so we decided to sell. We also were looking forward to a bigger yard."

Why did you use Soar Homes?

"We wanted to work with Karene because we had had so many successful transactions in our family! She helped our younger daughter and her husband get their first house, then helped our older daughter with their first house, then my mother in law, and that was a doozy. Of course we had to stick with the best!"

What surprised you the most about the buying and selling process?

"What surprised us most was how fast things were going and how ruthless the process was. Having an offer accepted and then the seller take a higher offer was devastating. You had to make a decision immediately, and go over asking. Karene helped us navigate all the ins and outs and we are so happy with our new house!"

What was the best part of your selling experience?

"I think the best part was how knowledgable Karene is about every aspect. We knew what to expect and when to expect it, and any changes were brought to us immediately."

What was the most challenging part of your selling experience?

"The most challenging part is moving out before you can move in. Plus we threw in a long-planned 3 week out-of-the-country vacation and closed in the middle of it!"


"Our top tip would be to start sorting/packing as soon as you decide. We waited and it was not pleasant. Going through stuff while unpacking is not efficient. Karene will tell you how much to take out for great staging."

Looking to sell soon?

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