Meet Kent & Monica

Karene first met Kent through Leadership Spokane in 2008. And she met Monica shortly after through Eastern Washington University Alumni Association. It was through Karene that Kent and Monica met, eventually falling in love and marrying. Today, they are happily married and have a dog named Riley. Kent owns Happy Laundry and Dry Cleaning and Monica works at Rockwood Retirement South. They have sold multiple homes with Karene and she loved getting to work with them not only as clients, but as friends too!

"Karene went ABOVE and BEYOND to present us with her thoughts about what we should ask for the homes and what we could do to make them more attractive to buyers. With her help, we received multiple offers within 24-hours of listing.


Why did you decide to sell?

"The first home we sold with Karene was the Glass house. We both had houses when we got married. We chose to live in Kent's home that featured a 2 car garage/shop!

We then sold Kent's mom's house when she passed away.

The real estate market was good so we decided to sell our duplex which was an investment property while it was good."

Why did you use Soar Homes?

"First and foremost, we chose to work with Karene in part because of our Leadership Spokane connection.

We also chose to work wither her because of her professionalism and guidance through the process of selling each property. One of the best things that was helpful when selling the Glass house was that you offered advice as to what specific things in the home needed attention to sell the home quickly. And, much to our surprise, the list was very short and it didn’t cost a lot. We transformed the basement into a livable space by making one adjustment instead of completely redoing a set of stairs that we had envisioned replacing. The assistance and ease of the first sale, made Karene the only realtor choice for future property sales."

What surprised you the most about the buying and selling process?

"The ease at which Karene navigated multiple offers on the investment property resulted in a 22% higher than asking price sale."

What was the best part of your selling experience?

"Working with Karene was straight-forward and no drama! It was like working with a friend. We truly felt that she had our best interests at heart."


"Once you decide on a list price, let the realtor work for you! Be honest with your realtor about what you can do to the property financially to make it sell faster and be willing to consider their informed recommendations."

Looking to sell soon?

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