10 Things to Know About your Sprinkler System

For those who’ve recently moved and have never had a yard to care for, or for those who are tired of manually dragging the hose and portable sprinkler around their property, a sprinkler system may be right for you and your lawn care needs. These are the top 10 things you should know when dealing with sprinklers:


Make sure to have a licensed plumber inspect any installed sprinkler system to ensure everything relating to water flow is working properly.


There are two types of sprinkler heads: fixed and rotary. Plan your head usage according to the layout of your property.


Consider using a funny pipe to connect your sprinkler heads with the standard poly pipeit’s extremely flexible and virtually unbreakable.

Hours of Operation

Early morning sprinkler use prevents mold and mildew from forming on your lawn.


Water pressure needs to be optimized to ensure proper lawn coverage and to avoid damaging your sprinkler heads.


Check your local ordinances to ensure your sprinklers are being aimed only at areas where watering is permitted.

Rain Sensors

Most water conservation laws require you to install rain sensors to avoid overwatering and waste.


Plan ahead and make sure no tree roots are interrupting the piping routes for your sprinklers, saving you a potential headache down the line.


A fancy term for valves, these help determine the zone of your yard that water is directed to and at what time, providing efficient coverage.


Make sure all water is cleared out of your pipes during the winter months to prevent freezing and, in turn, broken pipes. Consider hiring a service provider to assist.

Preventing Infestations

Your home should be a safe space where you can relax. That’s why one of the worst feelings as a homeowner is when harmful insects invade your property. Here’s how to avoid common infestations.


Be sure to sweep and vacuum indoors frequently to prevent ants from invading and feeding on stray crumbs. To get rid of these pests, use either a common insecticide or boric acid or borax powder. Ants pick up these particles and take them back to their nest, hopefully eliminating the problem at the source.


If your home is clean and tidy, these bugs won’t stick around. Without crumbs or food sitting out, your home should be roach-free. If you see them, look for cracks in the walls or floor, and seal with duct tape temporarily to prevent the pests from moving about freely.


These dangerous insects congregate around garbage bins or exposed food. They also can nest around your home, usually in garages, attics, under eaves, or in nearby landscaping. You can spray the hive at night to kill the pests, but be careful—aggressive wasps may require help from trained professionals.


These pests need standing water to breed, so be sure to eliminate potential sources, including open soda cans/water bottles, kiddie pools, or birdbaths. If you have a standing water source, be sure to filter or clean it regularly to prevent eggs from hatching.

Home Upgrades to Attract Millennial Buyers

Millennials are starting to become a force in the real estate market. But with any new generation of buyers, tastes and needs of clientele change. What home features are millennials looking for? Here we cover a few upgrades to attract these new potential buyers.

Smart Tech

It’s no secret that younger generations are entrenched in the hottest or newest technologies on the market. What can really set your home apart from more traditional spaces is upgrading to make the house “smarter.” Whether security systems, appliances, or climate control systems, smart devices not only can make your home run more efficiently but can also show buyers your property is modern and a great investment.

Home Office Space

Even before the pandemic, younger generations gravitated more toward the idea of working from home. Think about converting or staging an extra bedroom into a dedicated work-at-home space. This will help buyers truly envision how their life may look after purchasing the home.

Green Home

Millennials trend toward being more environmentally conscious and expect their future home to be as well. When marketing your property, be sure to highlight all of the great energy-saving/energy-efficient features you may have currently installed. You may also want to consider adding new green appliances, such as a water-conserving dishwasher, or more heat- and A/C-efficient windows and doors to show potential buyers you mean business when it comes to conservation.

USB Charging Outlets

People are more connected to their devices than ever before, with millennials being one of the generations leading the charge. Consider changing out the dated electrical outlets around your home for ones adapted with USB charging capabilities. This lets people charge their devices all around the house without having to constantly switch plugs and cords for various appliances. It may seem like a small touch, but it could go a long way in showing that your home is fit for tech-savvy individuals.

Tales from the Twins

At the beginning of this month I went back to school part-time. I've been loving having only two days of actual school a week. I only have one more week until spring break, and Kenzie is on spring break right now. We are so close to graduation! Our mom has been planning a celebration for us since we won't get normal graduation and we can't wait. June 13th, here we come!

~ Carson (& Kenzie)

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