Grass Roots Grooming

Owning a home with a luscious lawn is a dream for many. But once you have it, how do you care for it? At first, it may seem like a lot of work, but it’s actually not difficult if you take the time to learn. Here are some tips on how to maintain a pristine lawn.

Watch out for weeds.  

Proper weed care is twofold: preventing them from sprouting and removing them when they do grow. Use a pre-emergent herbicide  to stop weeds from taking hold in your lawn. If a few grow, you can pick them out by hand. Or if there are a few patches of weeds, use a granular weed control product to wilt them away without harming your grass.

Mow the right way. 

Don’t cut your lawn too short, as it may damage the grass and not allow roots to take hold. A general rule is never trim more than one-third of the blade of grass at a time. Also, the blade of your mower should be sharpened or replaced at least once a mowing season. A dull blade results in a jagged cut, leaving your grass looking malnourished and unsightly.

Don't get fooled by branding.

There are numerous brands of A/C units on the market today. What’s the difference?  In reality, most units have similar internal components, and many of these brands are owned and manufactured by the same parent company. 

Provide Nutrients.  

Watering and feeding your lawn in the right way will result in increased and consistent lawn health. When watering, make sure to do so in the early morning, as it gives the sun time to help evaporate the water sitting on the grass blades. Moisture that sits on your lawn may cause disease. When feeding, use a mixture of fast- and slow-release nitrogen-enriched fertilizers to keep your lawn healthy. But make sure not to apply fertilizer to any dormant grass, as it can’t absorb nutrients when  in this state.

Energy Efficient Homes

Going green at home can not only reduce your carbon footprint, but also save you money in the future. Here are a few ideas you can implement to make your home more energy-efficient


Keep your thermostat low                                           Start a compost heap 

Use cool water for washing clothes                           Limit space heater use 

Switch to low-flow shower heads                               Don’t waste water 

Seal all windows to prevent air escaping                  Unplug unused chargers


Buy Energy Star products                                           Install attic insulation    

Replace your desktop computer                               Add a storm door 

Install solar panels                                                       Perform an energy audit

Tighten connections on your HVAC system          

Boost Your Value

Homeowners are always looking for ways to increase the value of their property. However, some improvement projects are costly and may not result in the increased value that’s desired. Which projects should you focus on and which ones will result in the highest ROI for your home?

Add a Bathroom

Converting unused space, extra bedrooms or closets into another bathroom for your home can really add value to your property. HGTV estimates 80%–130% of those costs can be recouped when selling the home later. For a half-bath, you should have 18 square feet of space to work with; for a full bath, 30–35 square feet is ideal.

Energy-efficient Windows 

and Insulation

 Going green is always a smart move. For new energy-efficient windows, you can recoup about 60%–90% of your investment, along with applying a 10% federal tax credit for installing green windows. Adding these together, it’s a net positive to upgrade. Your home may have dated doors and insulation that let heat or cold air escape. For as little as $200, you can add updated insulation to save hundreds of dollars per year on your energy bills.

Kitchen Updates

The kitchen is considered the heart and centerpiece of a house. Kitchen remodels can range in price from $5,000–$75,000, but you don’t have to overspend when improving your space. Brightening the room with a fresh coat of paint or investing in energy-efficient appliances (which will save you or buyers money down the line) can help you recoup an estimated 60%–120% of your original investment, according to HGTV.

Build a Deck

Having a robust outdoor living setting has become very important for homeowners and buyers alike. Adding a deck to spruce up your backyard can increase the value of your home and attract more offers when you’re ready to sell. Costs can range between $1,200–$10,000, depending on materials used and the size of the structure, but you can get back 60–90% of the costs when selling the home.  

Tales from the Twins

This month it was our 17th birthday! While social distancing, we still managed to celebrate with family by having a summer BBQ and had a backyard movie with a couple of friends. As an early gift, we also bought two jet-skis that we can't wait to get in the water. We are slowly but surely finishing up our junior year of high school (and freshman year of college for Kenzie) so summer break is just around the corner for us. Our favorite time of the year! What are your summer plans? Carson and I love the outdoors and plan to do lots of hikes.

- Kenzie & Carson

Say Yes to CRS

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