Santa Letters

It’s that time of year again! Every year we love to make the holidays magical for your kids. We write and send a letter from "Santa" to your favorite little one(s) a week before Christmas! And we make it super easy on you. Just click the link below to answer a few questions... listing anything that may be special for your child to read such as good grades, sports, accomplishments, etc.

Hurry! All entries must be received by December 5th! 

Upgrade Your Attic Insulation

The attic may be the last place homeowners think about when considering improvement projects. However, there can be some big benefits from upgrading the insulation in your attic. Most people aren’t attic experts, so here’s some information on insulation upgrades for your home.

1. Determine How Much You Need

The first step when upgrading attic insulation is to figure out how much new material is needed. Many believe their home has enough as is, but insulation tends to compress over time and become less effective. Get accurate measurements of your space so you’re not buying too much or too little. If your attic is finished, consider adding an extra layer on top of what’s currently against the roof. For unfinished attics, add layers to what’s currently on the floor.

2. Understand R-Values

When researching attic insulation, you will come across the term “R-value,” which is the ability of a material to resist heat flow. The higher the R-value of a specific insulation, the more effective it will be for trapping heat. The Department of Energy recommends different R-value insulations depending on the area or climate where you live. Visit weatherize/insulation to determine the type of insulation you’ll need for your attic.

3. Big Savings Possible

Utility bills can be a drag on your personal finances, but attic improvements can generate savings for homeowners. The Environmental Protection Agency estimates you can save up to 15% on utility costs by adding new insulation and sealing air leaks in your attic. Also, most homes built before 1960 do not have proper insulation based on modern standards, so your older home may be losing a lot of energy. Modernizing your attic can result in a significant return on your investment.

Smart Home Additions

Integrating smart home technology into your existing property is a smart move. Upgrading certain features of your home can result in increased efficiencies and cost savings down the line. Here are a few additions you can consider for your home:

Smart Lock

For those who don’t like carrying around bulky sets of keys, smart locks allow for easy and quick access to your front door or any other room in your home. Many smart locks also track data that indicates when doors are opened and closed, which could be useful for families with children or helping to adjust your daily schedule.

Smart Doorbell

One of the most popular smart home devices, a smart doorbell has a built-in camera for identifying guests or solicitors. Sync your doorbell camera with your phone and you can see who’s visiting even when you’re out and about.

Smart Lighting

Useful in a variety of ways, consider adding smart lighting to your home. You can make your home more energy efficient by turning lights on/off remotely, and you can even set timers for turning on your lights during certain hours of the day while you’re away at work or on vacation, helping to keep your property secure.

Smart Lighting

Fine-tune the temperature in your home with a smart thermostat. These devices can be set to automatically change the temperature throughout the day to make your home more comfortable and energy-efficient. Many devices also have temperature recognizing sensors that can adjust your heating or air conditioning without your having to lift a finger.

Smart Lighting

A great safety tool, a smart smoke detector can help keep you and your family safe by sending alerts to your phone if it detects a fire. They also allow you to “hush” your alarm if it’s simply a burnt piece of toast—You’ll never have to stand below your smoke detector waving a towel to clear smoke again!

Tales from the Twins

This month we've been getting ready for the holidays and our futures. I'm in charge of our mom's gifts so I've been shopping a lot because she deserves it. I'm also finishing up fall quarter at EWU, getting ready for finals, and researching potential schools for my masters in a few short years. Carson has officially signed the paperwork for the Air National Guard! And we are so excited for winter break which is just around the corner.  

~ Kenzie (& Carson)

Say Yes to CRS

Buying or selling a home can seem like an overwhelming task. But the right REALTOR® can make  the process easier—and more profitable. A Certified Residential Specialist (CRS), with years of experience and success, will help you  make smart decisions in a fast-paced, complex and competitive marketplace. To earn the CRS Designation, REALTORS® must demonstrate outstanding professional  achievements—including high-volume sales—and pursue advanced training in areas such as  finance, marketing and technology. They must also maintain membership in the National Association  of REALTORS® and abide by its Code of Ethics. Work with a REALTOR® who belongs in the top 3% in the nation. Contact a CRS today.

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